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On April 12 2016 solstice 17, milan design week inter furniture expo, Florence origin watchmaker Replica Panerai Watches UK in lighting design experts Moritz Waldemeyer, in milan city presented a “Light in Time” theme exhibition.
COG, MING and EGG56 exhibits in Panerai brand world for design inspiration, through the interaction of light with matter, rendering time charm.At a total of three, from Via Bandello 14 Spazio Rossana Orlandi, through the park hyatt hotel, until monte napoleon street, pei na sea boutiques, are all a hotchpotch of milan is famous.

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COG in time and the light, for inspiration, the luminous device is made up of gear and logo design, Panerai choose Spazio Rossana Orlandi as a fair point.COG around the show column Fake Panerai Radiomir Series Watches, 1940, Luminor Radiomir and Luminor watch of wrist of 1950 series, including several brand early just in Geneva international advanced the new creation posted on the clock is great reward.

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EGG56 exhibited in park hyatt hotel in the centre of the city, is a LED structure, does not contain wires in egg shape, Luminous Panerai Copy Watches alternating show both inside and outside layer on the surface of the light, color and mechanism.

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Focus on we mainly introduce the Replica Panerai Radiomi Series Watches of watches can guide to the choose and buy, but I believe that 90% of Panerai fans or to prefer a crown protector Luminor series.

PANERAI Luminor Marina Composite 1950 PAM386 01
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Everyone agrees that a protector is Panerai Cheap Fake Watches UK, this characteristic has become the Panerai DNA, so much so that many people haven’t seen watch, only to see the protector has excited.Due to the relatively large Luminor family, in this episode, we will first to introduce the Luminor 1950 series some approachable watch for your choose and buy.

As we all know the two families were Radiomir and Panerai Luminor, but they only think the gap between the two is only crown protector is different that would be wrong, but from Radiomir evolution to Luminor are experienced a very long process.In fact, in 1950, Luminor completed from Radiomir evolution.

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Luminor watch at that time because of its crown protector and unique, linear table ear into vertical ear and watchcase one-piece casting, make the whole of the wrist watch strength has improved, Panerai Waterproof Copy Watches the appearance is the continuation of the 1940 Radiomir watches pillow case with flat, wide table boxes, especially on the back, straight type table ear and pillow case the whole transition make table bottom sense became extremely rich administrative levels.

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Nearly hundred years not to buy group aesthetic unity, but for the aspirations of the human brain has about classic.Someone says all about watches invention and creation in the early decades ago over, of course also cannot treat as the same, whether the tourbillon or innovative materials, Panerai Copy Watches advanced tabulation brand don’t forget to challenge myself, but the latter just prove position gimmick, the former can bring the brand is the real source of word of mouth and direct benefits.

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In 1936, the eve of world war ii, Panerai developed “Panerai Radiomir Watches UK” first try, for the Italian royal navy first diving forces command frogloks forces used.Various characteristics of this watch is still preserved in large type stainless steel pillow case (47 mm in diameter), luminous Numbers and timing, are connected to the casing welding linear watch ear.

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In 1950, finished to the evolution of Luminor Radiomir.After coming to an end of world war ii, Panerai Diving Watches UK continue its technology research in the beginning of the start of the war, perfect the Luminor research and development.New Luminor watch because of its crown protector and unique, linear table ear is strengthened, and the watch case adopts one-piece casting method, the pillow case lasted for 1940 Radiomir watches watchcase and flat, broad watch frame.